Corner protection

For maximum protection of objects during transport

In addition to its insulating capacity, polystyrene also offers good protection for objects due to its shock absorption properties.

When transporting items, corner pieces of angular polystyrene are indispensable shock-absorbers and can be tailor-made to fit any shape or size box: 

  • large corners: 15 x 15 mm
  • small corners: 9 x 9, internal 7.5x7.5
  • cap corners: 80cm long
  • long corner edges: 80 x 3.5x3.5

Isospa offers you a wide range of angular thicknesses that offer maximum protection for your objects during transportation.

protezioni angolari polistirolo
protezioni angolari polistirolo per scatole
protezioni angolari polistirolo
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