Polystyrene for building

For insulation and various other uses
poliestere in edilizia

Expanded polystyrene is among the most used insulation material in construction, especially for new prefabricated structures.
Our main products are: frames, plates of all densities and even regenerated for lightening, cubes, boxes, crates and many other products.
On request we can create items tailored to your exact needs.

Construction polystyrene is mainly used for:

  • insulation of all types of roofs, planks
  • insulation of vertical internal walls (in the cavity)
  • insulation of external vertical walls (with a coat)
  • insulation of all types of floors, ceilings and countertops
  • various products in any size and shape for all insulation needs.


We produce polystyrene sheets and panels and thermal insulating panels in all types of density, size and thickness for polystyrene packing.


We make every kind of frame you could need for your items.

Frames can also be made in White Extruding polystyrene.


Used for the packing of concrete specimens.
The cube is a disposable product that guarantees both the thermal insulation of the material and the integrity of the specimen itself. The cubes are standard standard size of 15 X 15 X 15.


Of any kind and size


Cassettes or moulds, often used to shape concrete castings, can be made in any shape or size.

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