Our wine bottle crates, used to pack bottles of Bordeaux wine, comes as a unit for 6 bottles, but can be split from 1 to 6 on request.


Christmas decorations

Thanks to the ease of processing polystyrene we can make every kind of Christmas decoration, in any shape or size.


Scenography and Design

Polystyrene, thanks to its versatility and ductility allows us to create objects, decorations, inscriptions and forms of any kind, applicable in a range of areas.


Boxes and containers

Our polystyrene containers are suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, but also for the protection of any kind of object.


Scripts and Logos

The polystyrene also allows us to create inscriptions, logos, unique and creative letters for both shop windows and private individuals.


Packaging and protections

Polystyrene, in addition to its insulating qualitycan also be employed for the protection and absorption of shocks - perfect for packaging.

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